The N.E.S.T program is a great start for the youth in our community. Following the four pillars of the program - Nurturing, Engaging, Socializing, Teaching - we create the best environment that leads to the enjoyment of soccer will last through the years! The goals of N.E.S.T. are to make each session consistent for all players, simplify scheduling, and provide a safe environment for practice and games. N.E.S.T. provides coaching education for those who volunteer to lead sessions and builds confidence so you can continue coaching in other CBSC programs.

We partner with Iowa Western Community College to lead and direct the N.E.S.T. program. Each session will have Iowa Western men's and women's soccer players assisting the adults and volunteer coaches in facilitating training sessions and in demonstrating and modeling soccer specific skills.

NEST is held on Iowa Western's campus, 2700 College Road in Council Bluffs on the match field. Note: The location may change due to campus policies. 

Spring 2021 Sessions begin April 5th. 

U4/5 (2016 and 2017 Birthdays): 6 week session,  30 minute session each week. Monday evenings, sessions capped at 30 players per session. Session times 5:15, 5:45, 6:15

Registration Fee $25.00

Curriculum: NEST Director led and parent supported. Directors lead a group of 30 players with their parents/adult by their side and model basic soccer movements as well as basic motor skills in a fun imaginative manner. Repetition is key, but fostering the parent/child relationship is vital for player progress. For parents/adults unable to participate, Iowa Western players/coaches will be on hand. No "match" or game play, however the program will build toward the final session's "World Cup" fun day.

U6 (2015 Birthdays): (45 minute sessions, 2 sessions per week) Monday and Thursday evenings, 6:30-7:15

U6 Registration Fee $40.00

Curriculum: Fun, safe experience for all participants to encourage players to fall in love with the sport and with the ball. Goal: Maximize individual ball touches in each session to build confidence with the ball and foster creative, technical growth on the ball.

Session 1: Expanding curriculum to include 3-4 activities per session.No "match/game" play on Mondays.

Session 2: Large combined group activity led by NEST Director for the first 10-15 min. Then players will organize into their teams for "match" play. Game durations will be short with the ability to rotate fields and teams for a variety of competition. Volunteer coaches will lead game play. 

Uniform Fee: $25.00